Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast: 150-day time-lapse

A timelapse that connects all of Canada’s coastline in one video to show the importance of protecting Canada’s vast and incredible coastline.

Canada C3 is an initiative of the Students on Ice Foundation . The mission of Canada C3 is to connect Canadians from coast to coast and inspire a deeper understanding of the land, the peoples, and the past, present, and future of the country.

Carlyle Paetkau of Build Films – a production company based in Winnipeg, MB – came up with the idea of covering all of Canada’s coasts in one video to do just that.

“We wanted to capture this historic journey as the Canada C3 ship connected our nation and her citizens,” Paetkau said. “Not only are we using a state of the art camera to capture images, TrueLook is also providing a Live Feed from the ship. On top of that, there are photographers on board capturing stills and video of the beauty and vastness of Canada during this sesquicentennial year.”

The Canada C3 journey ends today in Victoria BC, 150-days after it departed Toronto, ON.