Written by BuildFilms Written on March 19 2017

Sunday March 19th #BuildStories Feature

We asked Bella to tell us more about the photo she shared with us on #buildstories and to tell us a little bit about herself, here’s what she had to say:

“My name is Bella, I love it when people understand their beauty, and their worth. I love capturing the moments that propel people into seeing themselves as they really are, beautiful.

To me, when a person leaps, it speaks volumes of their heart, it speaks to the joy they’re experiencing and the childlike nature they walk in. In this photo, a friend of mine who I had been travelling with leapt; it was a tangible act of her freedom.

I wanted to capture the depth of the scene, there was a large beehive pattern on the floor of the Bolivian salt flats, salt waters that laid on top, the reflection, the horizon (which I drew out with the cars on the right side of the horizon), my friend, and the sky.

Creative expression isn’t limited by the way you take a photograph. It’s embedded in the way you live. You are creative.”

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